Jennifer Lotharius Portfolio

Passionate about collaborating with people and creating impactful, intuitive, and accessible design solutions.

Hello! I’m Jennifer Lotharius. I have been designing and coding websites and web applications for 7+ years. My recent experience involves work on complex applications for enterprise B2B and B2C products in the fintech and mortgage industries.

I value life-long learning and my interests include: design, illustration, comics, reading, languages, video games, medieval history…

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Recent UX/UI Design Projects

Borrower Center

UX Research, UI Design, workflows, IA, etc.

Mortgage Cadence's B2B and B2C enterprise software digital mortgage application. Client customizable with admin and branding capabilities.

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Collaboration Center

UX Research, UI Design, workflows, IA, etc.

Mortgage Cadence's B2B enterprise software mortgage collaboration tool. Connect with lenders, title agencies, and other mortgage related parties.

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UX Research, UI Design, Userflows, prototype

Created and designed a wardrobe organization web application. Personal project.

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UI Design, IA, Front End Development

Comic book reviews and blog website redesign.

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Other Projects

UI Design, Website Design, Front End Development

Variety of website design practice for fictional websites. Personal projects.

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